Represent clients with dignity and respect as we seek justice together.
Statue of the Hon. Barbara Jordan at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF UPDATING THIS WEBSITE. In April 2017, I went to work for Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors, and I have only returned to my solo practice of law recently, in Fall 2019. So much has changed in so many ways. The current president of the U.S. and his executive branch have wreaked havoc and have made horrific progress towards their goal of eliminating asylum completely in the U.S. I ask for your patience as we make the necessary changes to this website. Meanwhile, consultations are by appointment only. The phone number is 512.472.6270. My e-mail is


The purpose of this practice is to represent clients with dignity and respect as we seek justice together.

Consistent with the original mission of the National Lawyers Guild, we use law in the service of people, understanding that human rights are more sacred than property interests.

Our goals are to:
• Listen carefully
• Arm clients with the information they need to make sound decisions
• Fight ferociously for our clients when necessary
• Understand when fighting is not the best option
• Provide effective representation at a cost that moderate and low-income people can afford

When Iris Rodríguez created this website for me in 2013, I wanted to include this photograph to honor Barbara Jordan, a formidable seeker of justice who believed strongly in the U.S. Constitution, despite all the ways it has failed us and we have failed it. I could not have imagined that in 2019 we would be so badly in need of people in Congress with her integrity and courage.

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