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GRITS – Getting Radical in the South — 2016

GRITS – Getting Radical in the South — 2016

Yesterday, October 15, I was privileged to participate in a conversation at the law-student run conference, GRITS 2016. GRITS stands for Getting Radical in the South. Law students Elizabeth Schmelzel (on the left) and Reema Ali (on the right) organized our panel named something along the lines of “Reclaiming Radical Religion: Faith-based lawyering & activism.” For reasons I explained in the panel (and will write about eventually), the word “faith” is not apt as to me, and contains assumptions about religions that aren’t universally applicable, but it was still a great conversation. It was delightful to meet Professor Saleema Snow and hear about her work towards gender equity with Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights,and Kent McKeever, who serves people living in poverty via Mission Waco Legal Services. Thank you to all for an inspiring and stimulating event for which I’m very grateful.

Keith — Noor Wadi took a perfect photograph.  I don’t know why on wordpress has partially lopped off your head in this “featured image”; you look whole while I am editing.  See:


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