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If I travel outside of Travis County to represent you, I will need you to reimburse me for the extra costs:  mileage (or bus or train or air fare), and for hotel and food if I need to stay overnight.  The rate of reimbursement will be the same as that authorized by the U.S. General Services Administration for state employees.


Mileage from my office at 1006 East César Chávez Street, Austin, Texas 78702, to:

San Antonio Immigration Court, 800 Dolorosa Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78204
79 miles

Houston Immigration Court inside the USCIS Houston Service Processing Center (a type of prison or detention facility), 5520 Greens Road, Houston,Texas, 77032-2501
174.2 miles

Houston Contract Detention Facility, 15850 Export Plaza Drive, Houston, Texas, 77032
174.4 miles

Harlingen Immigration Court, 2009 West Jefferson Avenue, #300, Harlingen, Texas, 78550
324.3 miles

USCIS and ICE District offices, 8940 Fourwinds Drive, San Antonio, Texas, 78239
67.9 miles

ICE and GEO Joe Corley Detention Center, 500 Hilbig Road, Conroe, Texas, 77031
157 miles

ICE and GEO Karnes City Civil Detention Center, 409 FM 1144,Karnes City, Texas, 78118
(This is the place recently renamed a “residential” center; at least one immigration judge still is calling it the “Karnes City detention site” as of November 3, 2014)
101 miles

ICE Port Isabel Service Processing Center
, 27991 Buena Vista Boulevard, Los Fresnos, Texas, 78566
352 miles

ICE and GEO South Texas Detention Center, 566 Veterans Drive, Pearsall, Texas, 78061
135.2 miles

Unless otherwise noted, I used the Rand McNally online mileage calculator to determine these distances.

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