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Florence Project guides

“Qué Hacer Si Está en Proceso de Explusión Rapida o Restablecimiento de Expulsión” and “What to Do If You Are in Expedited Removal or Reinstatement of Removal”

These are booklets first prepared by the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project (Florence Project) in 2002, revised in 2011, and currently available online via the “Self Help Materials” page of the Office of Legal Access Programs, Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR).

Materials provided by the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)

USCIS Asylum Officer Basic Training Course

a. Lesson Plan Overview for Credible Fear

but see also Lesson Plan for February 2014

b. Lesson Plan Overview for Reasonable fear

c. Children’s Asylum Claims


Credible and reasonable fear interviews in family detention centers, July 2014 – January 2015

Credible and reasonable fear interviews in family detention centers, January 2015 – March 2015

Fiscal year 2015 asylum statistics

Sample documents:

I-213 Record of Deportable-Inadmissible Alien

If USCIS does not provide you/your client with a credible or reasonable fear interview, ASK for one.

REDACTED Request for Credible Fear Interview for eleven year old

Asylum office automatic reply re Request for CFI for Child at Karnes

The asylum officers record information from the credible fear or reasonable fear interview on Form I-870.

REDACTED Form I-870.Bio Info Credible Fear Interview for Teenager

REDACTED SAMPLE ADULT credible fear interview

If an asylum officer does not find you/your client has a credible fear or a reasonable fear, ask for judicial review.  Or ask for the Asylum Office to review its finding and conduct a new interview.  The following successful request came after a judge had already upheld a negative reasonable fear finding and reinstated the removal order for the person. 

REDACTED Successful request to Asylum Office to review negative reasonable fear finding_Redacted  Attachments are not included

Judges are not likely to reschedule a review of a negative credible or reasonable fear finding.  The following is an unsuccessful motion to change the date of the judicial review:


And here is the response from the Houston Asylum Office denying a (weak) request to re-interview a client for whom the asylum officer had failed to find a credible fear, after the immigration judge had upheld that negative credible fear finding.

REDACTED Houston Asylum Office Disappointing Response to Request to Review Negative Credible Fear Finding

Articles and blog posts

Sara Campos and Joan Friedland, “Mexican American and Central American Asylum and Credible Fear Claims: Background and Context,” American Immigration Council May 21, 2014, last accessed 10/5/2015


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