Represent clients with dignity and respect as we seek justice together.

Thank you to Elvia Arreola and Donna Blevins for the Southwest Airlines frequent flyer miles;

to Gus Bova, parents, and friends for sharing their Christmas Eve dinner, introductions at Casa Marianella, and the winter gloves;

Liliana Cardona Martínez, for noticing that I was in Del Rio and offering her family’s help, and then putting me in touch with her brother, Jesus Rogelio Sánchez;

Jesus Rogelio Sánchez, for printing out human rights documents that I sent him via e-mail and then delivering them to Shalok in the Val Verde County Detention Center, as well as checking up on Shalok (about whom I was really worried at that point);

Nancy Day, for her offer of a coat and shoes;

Denise De La Garza & family for one large suitcase, one carry-on suitcase, a little extra cash for Shalok, offerings of warm clothes, and an offer of Christmas dinner;

Tom Kolker for everything, including driving;

Liana Hudson Fixell and Camille Owens for their messages of support;

Scott Lyles, for hospitality above and beyond the call of duty, always;

Pastor Liliana Padilla of Pearsall for visiting Shakol in Pearsall and providing solace,  and to Bishop Martínez, James Harrington, and Rebecca Flores for helping me find this Pastor Padilla;

Victoria Rossi, for visiting Shalok, organizing a bond packet (though we ended up not needing it, we might have had to have it, had ICE set no bond or a very high bond) and for figuring out logistics with Shalok’s cousin Jennyfer;

Brenda Villalpando, lawyer, and Nancy Valdez of the El Paso office of Janos, Zavala, & Villalpando , who generously (and without charging), visited and checked up on Shalok when ICE had moved Shalok from Pearsall to Otero, New Mexico;

QDEP people in New  York and Liz Marie García of Austin for sending  Shalok holiday cards to cheer the bleak Pearsall days;

Hilary Lustick, a new friend through Bend the Arc Austin, via the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), for putting me in touch with Liz Marie Garcia and Liliana Mendoza, who offered to support and visit Shalok and other queer detainees.  Though Shalok is enjoying temporary and relative freedom, there are other people who need our support, so I hope we will continue this effort.

Finally, had I not taught at the Center for Mexican American Studies as a doctoral candidate in 2005-2006, and as lecturer between 2008 and 2011, I might never have met Nakay Flotte or Liliana Cardona Martinez, Manuel Cantu, Diana Gomez, Angelica Grimaldo, and many other treasured friends who played such key roles in this small but significant fight for freedom. 

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