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Differences between CREDIBLE and REASONABLE fear interviews

These differ in at least five ways. a) Who gets which interview in what situation? Credible fear interviews are for people who are in expedited removal proceedings, who have not been removed or deported from the U.S. before, and who have asked for asylum OR expressed a fear of returning to their home countries, especially […]

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Preparing a person for her credible or reasonable fear interview

Your focus needs to be on LISTENING, not TELLING. The central mission is to encourage and help the woman tell HER story, not the story you are imagining she has to tell, and not the story she thinks anyone else wants to hear. Focus on HER experience and memories, NOT on a list of questions. […]

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If the Asylum Officer issues a NEGATIVE credible or reasonable fear finding

A person for whom an Asylum Officer makes a negative credible or reasonable fear finding is entitled to review of that finding by a judge. The review is NOT a hearing. The lawyer does not get to ask questions; the judge asks all the questions. No lawyer for DHS/ICE is present. The lawyer’s role is […]

This beautiful image appears on the ACLU website with stories about Fourteenth Amendment birth citizenship.  If anyone can identify the artist, please tell me!  thank you

Undocumented Citizens: a vulnerable citizenry

Perales Serna, et al.,  v. Texas Department of State Health Services, Vital Statistics Unit, et al. October 16 update: Perales Serna Order denying preliminary injunction 16 October 2015 What this means is that the Court wants to hear ALL the evidence at a full trial, rather than making a preliminary ruling while there are still […]

Construction at the ICE detention facility, 409 FM 1144, Karnes City, Texas. I was confused when the Karnes County Commissioners Court held hearings in December about whether to expand the Karnes facility, because this construction to expand the place had been going on for months.  Photo by Virginia Raymond

September 2014: what happened at Karnes

September 3 DHS releases Nayeli Lisbeth Bermudez Beltran and her mother from Karnes, following an intense campaign led by their lawyer, Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch, and Grassroots Leadership   Neyeli is seven years old with a growing brain tumor. The Karnes pro bono team won’t know another family who will be released at the discretion of ICE — […]

What one of the prisoners wrote  21 August 2014 Karnes City

August 2014: about Karnes

ICE has “detained” peaceful refugees and immigrants, men, whom it has charged with violations of immigration law, at the low-security lock-up, the “Karnes Civil Detention Center,” at 409 FM 1144, Karnes City, Texas, 7811. The center is staffed by the for-profit prison corporation, the GEO group, and it was a GEO employee who’d confirmed for […]

Karnes City ICE lock-ups

The Department of Homeland Security’s “no-release” policy

Since June of 2014, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been refusing to set bond, or release on parole or on their own recognizance or under orders of supervision, the vast majority of the women and children who have arrived in the U.S. seeking refuge. ICE has argued that “national security” compelled it […]

The "center" in Karnes is having a bit of an identity crisis...If you get a fax from there, or read some of the signs, you'll see the word "detention."  But GEO & ICE call it a "residential" center.  (Historical note:  look up "Potempkin Village") Photo by Virginia Raymond; touched up by Omar Figueredo.

Resolution to release women & children; end ICE’s no-release policy

photo by Virginia Raymond, touched up by Omar Figueredo; art by Rini Templeton Please read this resolution, sign it as yourself, and — far more importantly — take it to the groups to which you belong. Ask your group to sign and date the resolution; when you do, please send proof of adoption to releasedetainees@gmail.com. WHEREAS, […]