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What you must prove to be eligible for DACA

1) That you are who you say you are, preferably by showing “official” — usually government-issued — identification 2) Proof of entry before 16 years old 3) Presence in the U.S. on June 15, 2007 4) That you had no legal status on June 15, 2007 (you entered the U.S. without inspection, or, if you […]

Antoinette Tuff

Imagine living like Antoinette Tuff

I can’t sleep tonight, thinking about Antoinette Tuff. What do I learn from her? Certainly not how to “handle” or “deal with” or “manage” or, much less, “confront” a distraught man with guns and ammunition ready to kill a lot of people including himself. In the first place, I don’t expect to ever be in […]

Immigration Forum, June 1, 2013

Consuelo Méndez Middle School in SE Austin hosts immigration fair & forum

  What a joy to work with energetic, dedicated immigrants, advocates, and allies who organized an immigration forum and fair at Consuelo Méndez Middle School on Saturday, June 1st. Thank you to the AISD Family Resource Center staff Leonor Vargas, José Carrasco, and Lizzy Bowen; Montserrat Garibay and Education Austin; University Leadership Initiatives (ULI) organizers Juan […]

Artificial tears:  one of the final possessions of person executed by the State of Texas

“a sense of the monstrosity of injustice”

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote in 1962 that many people favor the idea of justice in the abstract, but praise of the ideal is not nearly enough. “That justice is a good thing, a fine goal, even a supreme ideal, is commonly accepted. What is lacking is a sense of the monstrosity of injustice…Justice..is not […]

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Excellence in Public Interest Award 2013

Texas Law Fellowships has honored me with its 2013 Excellence in Public Interest Award (EPIA) in the private attorney category.   David Hinojosa of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) won the award in the public lawyer category for his considerable civil rights work on behalf of students in low-income districts, immigrants, and […]

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The Texas Jail Project: advocating for humane conditions in county jails

The Texas Jail Project works to improve conditions in jails of the 254 counties of this state. A non-profit organization with a staff of one person and a small number of volunteers, the Texas Jail Project: Responds to inmates’ loved ones. It answers questions, provides information and forms on its website,here, and contacts officials. It […]