Represent clients with dignity and respect as we seek justice together.

A third-generation Austinite, Susan Anderson Mitchell brings an eclectic background to the pro bono work of this practice. After cutting her teeth as a Daily Texan reporter, the UT Austin graduate began a career as reporter/editor at The San Antonio Light and Houston magazine. Upon earning an MBA, she began a 20-year career as a sales executive at IBM and later, Xerox.

At 50 years old, a lifestyle change returned Susan to her Swedish family’s rural roots and a decade-long stint teaching in South Texas. There, she began to learn about the difficult journeys of many of her students, who had fled with their families from persecution in their native countries to seek asylum in the U.S.

Susan and Virginia met in the late summer of 2014, when US Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) began incarcerating hundreds of refugees — women and children — in the detention center run by the private, for-profit prison corporation GEO at 409 FM 1144 in Karnes City, Texas. Our friendship began by advocating together for a single family; it has grown with our mutual outrage at how we (in the U.S.) are treating these children and their mothers; it is fueled by our mutual commitment to ending this injustice.

Susan is donating her time, experience, & energy to the cause.

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