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Support refugees – contribute to the Karnes Bond Fund
Image from A Picture Book, For Little Children, Anonymous, via Project Gutenberg

Support refugees – contribute to the Karnes Bond Fund

Make a donation to the Karnes Bond Fund, at Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Services (RAICES) to help a woman and her children “bond out” of Karnes to go live with family or community members as they pursue their claims for asylum.

Thank you to everyone who contributes. In particular, thank you to some wonderful people whose contributions will allow a mother, teenage daughter, and six-year old daughter to finally leave Karnes this week and head to the home of a comadre in the northeastern U.S. The bond in this instance, set by a judge was $8000. $8000 might as well have been a million dollars for this family, if left to their own resources. But thanks to you, they will be able to pursue their asylum claim from a home.

Thank you!

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