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The Texas Jail Project: advocating for humane conditions in county jails

The Texas Jail Project: advocating for humane conditions in county jails

The Texas Jail Project works to improve conditions in jails of the 254 counties of this state. A non-profit organization with a staff of one person and a small number of volunteers, the Texas Jail Project:

Responds to inmates’ loved ones. It answers questions, provides information and forms on its website,here, and contacts officials. It helps loved ones find solutions.

Speaks out about conditions. It interviews former inmates and posts their accounts along with commentary about jail classes, investigations, abuses, lawsuits, and death.

Monitors oversight. At the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, the Texas Jail Project conveys families’ complaints and explores issues on conditions of confinement. The Texas Jail Project calls for more accountability, transparency, and training.

Devoted to the health and well-being of all human beings who find themselves in county jails, the project pays special attention to women, and those people with physical illnesses, mental conditions, or addictions.

In 2009, TJP created coalitions to support and enforce new laws HB 3653 and 3654, which respectively ban the shackling of pregnant inmates during labor and delivery, and require medical care for pregnant inmates. Sadly, these laws do not enforce themselves. TJP works to publicize the rights of pregnant and laboring women and get county sheriffs to follow these laws.

If you have a loved one in a county jail, if you’ve been in a county jail, or if you just care about people who are now incarcerated in county jails or who might be incarcerated sometime in the future (it can happen to any of us), check out the Texas Jail Project. You’ll want to support its life-saving work.

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